Total Return Life is Freedom!  You need freedom to maximize your life and live fulfilled.  I'm driving to South America because I am passionate about Freedom and living life.  Learn how to increase your freedom to do the things you want to do by ordering Total Return Life below.


Total Return Life is all about travel!  You might have heard that travel is the best form of education so I imagine I will learn 25,000 miles of lessons on this drive.  Total Return Life teaches how to travel more, do more and explore areas of life you never thought imaginable.


Total Return Life is being financially savvy! Nothing happens without finances so you really need to have them in order.  Learn from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ how to maximize your finances and learn how to create a sustainable investment portfolio to assist your income while building your net worth.

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Total Return Life balances your freedom, finances and travel for the ability to engage in an extraordinary life.  Written by adventure traveler Bill Booz, CFP®

Do you have dreams of traveling the world and seeing exotic places? Do you want to finally get your finances in order to do so?  How would you like to increase your freedom to travel the World, finance your obligations and have fun doing it all? Learn how to get great travel deals, prepare for your retirement and not have to sacrifice the next 30 years in order to do so.

The adventure starts and you can order a copy of Total Return Life which shows how you too can balance your freedom, finances and travel to engage in a life of fulfillment. Order this book and we will rendezvous together on this journey of creating a fulfilling life.


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